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Hold'em A-Z: L is for Limits

If you are a fan of Texas Hold'em, you know that there is an alphabet for each term in the game. Today we are covering the letter L, which means limits. Texas Hold’em  has a variety of limits that can be used in game play. These betting structures change the game play. These games can be played with varying limits which then sets the bet in motion. Here are some of the terms for the limits of the game. A fixed limit is a fixed betting limit with a minimum and maximum. A spread limit means that you bet within a certain range.

With the no limit games, there is no limit to the amount that you can wager during any particular point in the game whether it is played in a casino or on an online casino website. And the other limit is called the pot limit. This means that the pot is limited in the game. You cannot bet more than the pot contains in this type of limit. With that said, these limits and the game itself should be only played if you know how to play it and play the game that you feel that you can win at and are comfortable with. There are times when you can mix the limits, but not very often.

These types of limits are what makes the game so fun and challenging. For those that are new to this game, watch a game of Texas Hold’em and notice the strategies that are employed at the tables for each type of limit listed above. It is fascinating watching the various strategies that are employed by each of the limits that are listed above. This is an easy game to play, but a difficult one to master. With each set of limits, the game changes. It is fun to watch the game segue with the different limits.

When betting bear in mind that the limits basically dictate how the game will be played. With the spread limit for example, you have a spread of bets in a certain financial window.  This will also dictate the payout and the end of the game in question. Each of these limits dictates the financial payout of each individual game. With all the limits that can be set during a game, it is fun to watch the action and try and figure out who is using what strategy to win the game.
There are other factors that influence the game besides the mentioned limits. Things such as the flop and bluff will change the way that a game finishes. It is all in the luck of the draw. Skill wins but lady luck comes and goes, as a saying says. You need to be able to depend upon your skill in order to win at a limit game of Texas Hold’em. You will earn that skill by competing and learning on your own the fun game called Hold’em.  All these limits do is change the way that the bets are made and the payout is calculated.


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