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Single and Double Deck

Online Blackjack is played with a standard deck of fifty-two cards in which all four suits are of equal value. In online blackjack each card has a specific value or numerical count, with the exception of the ace, which has two values, but we'll discuss the ace last. The value of any card is determined by its spots. A 2 is worth 2 points, a 3 is worth 3 and so on to 10. The face cards: jack, queen, and king-are also worth 10 points apiece. The 10 jacks, queen, and king, in blackjack parlance, are known as "10-value cards." The ace is unique in having two separate values. It can either be counted as 11 or as 1, at the player's discretion, when the blackjak playing out the hand. Having this dual value makes the ace the most powerful of all cards at online blackjack.

On single or double deck, penetration is so important that if you are in a casino where there are big differences from dealer to dealer on penetration, you ought to make sacrifices to play against a dealer who gives the best penetration. For example, in double deck you should rather play at a table with a couple of other players and cards dealt almost all the way out than head-on with a shuffle after only half the cards are used. If a dealer who has been giving excellent penetration gets switched to another table, and the relief does not give as good penetration, you too switch to that other table.

At single deck you should seldom play with three other blackjack players, and you should never play with more than three other blackjack players. The reason is at single deck, a full table gets two rounds per shuffle at most. If the first round contains a large excess of small cards, the dealer might shuffle after only one round; the dealer thinks there are not enough cards to deal another round, and you feel like shouting that all hands will get so many face cards that there will not be much need for hit cards. Be willing to start a game at a table where the dealer is standing alone. But if the dealer shuffles earlier than you expect, do not wait around for a second shuffle. Stay only if the penetration is good enough.

Single-deck and double-deck on online blackjack games are not as subject to streaks as multiple-deck games are. If you have a couple of bad shuffles in a row, that's usually the worst it will get. Similarly, if you have a couple of real good shuffles, that's usually the best it will get. The rest we will say is normal dis­tribution of wins and losses. We highly recommend playing against single- or double-deck configurations, especially double deck!

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