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Dangerous Gambling Mistakes

The fact that you're reading this side means you're probably not the type of person who is likely to gam­ble in an unhealthy way. That's great, but you should always take periodic gut-checks anyway, espe­cially if you're spending a lot of money. Consistent losing can usually be traced to one of the following mistakes.

Trying to prove something

Gambling to prove that you're rich, sexy, powerful, or anything else will negatively influence your abili­ty to have fun and to win. You are not James Bond or Mrs. Peel from The Avengers. You are not the Sul­tan of Brunei. You are you and that is far better; no extra wagering or risk-taking is required.

Drinking excessively while gambling

Alcohol is free in many casinos when gambling at the tables or playing the machines. Smart gamblers stick to soft drinks. If your idea of fun includes wine or liquor, remember to factor it into your formula. If you can't do the math, then it's time to stop drinking.

Ignoring the odds

This will sink you every time. One minute you're up and the next minute you're flat broke. Why? You blew your bankroll on a series of risky bets. That's the price of ignoring the numbers. We'll give you accurate odds in this side on all the major games. Read them. Use them. Protect your bankroll.

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