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Favorite Places to Gamble

The favorite places to play are those that give me the best shot to win, plain and simple. When we walk into a casino for the first time, we check out the blackjack rules and playing conditions, the video poker tables, slot club benefits and any other unusual rules or conditions at other table games that would give me a better than normal chance of winning.

It takes competition to drive casinos to offer favorable rules and conditions. That doesn't mean Las Vegas is the only place to look, although it's a good place to start. As few as two casinos in one town can be enough to open opportunities for knowledgeable players.

In Joliet, Illinois, with two casinos, we've seen craps tables that offer field bettors three to one payoffs on both 2 and 12. That turns the field from a sucker bet to an even proposition one of the best bets in the house. On my first trip to Tunica County, Mississippi, we was amazed to find single-deck blackjack with good rules, and single-­zero roulette! It's a highly competitive market, and a good place to play.

Gaming considerations aside, we gravitate to quieter resorts. When we're at the tables or at the video poker machines, we don't want the clamor of the casino to break my concentration. Rather than the slot din of Excalibur, we prefer to cross the Strip to the quiet island atmosphere of the Tropicana.

And a variety of restaurants is a must give me at least one good ethnic restaurant on premises to go with the buffet, coffee shop, and gourmet dining.

That leaves where to stay sometimes at odds with where to play. So be it. If the playing conditions where we're staying aren't up to snuff, it sets me off on an adventure, for the thrill of exploring new casinos and rediscovering others never gets old for us!

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