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Gambling at the Movie

Going to the movies is a common gamble. The typical cost for two people to see a first-run movie (including popcorn, soda, and candy) is $25. It's a wager that the movie will be good, the popcorn fresh, the soda bubbly and the theater clean.

Sometimes the bet wins and sometimes it does not. Discriminating patrons choose a theater and movie carefully, but nothing guarantees the latest Hollywood blockbuster won't be a stinker. Yet we continue going to the movies.

What if the evening is an important one for you and your honey? A regular movie may not provide a big enough payoff. Perhaps a live performance and a fancy restaurant would be more appropriate. Big­ger wager, Higher opportunity, Lower risk, Bigger reward. A hit musical and a four-star dinner may be a good bet, but even that isn't a sure thing. What if the Broadway star is sick? What if the chef spoils the soup? On the other hand, what if everything goes right? The gamble paid off and romance is in the air.

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