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The Profitable Online Poker
  1. Poker is pre-eminently a social game. A full table consists of seven players, but it is a perfectly good game for five or six.
  2. Every deal is a separate event. One can join a table, if there is a vacancy, at any time, and quit at any time. Here, of course, We are referring to club Online Poker; one could hardly break up a table organized among friends merely because one happened to be losing, or because one had won so much that one felt impelled to go while the going was good.
  3. Every poker player is playing for himself alone. If he plays badly, therefore, no one is offended; indeed, since the game must be played for stakes (however trivial) the
    poor player won't encounter the black looks, and un­kind comments, handed out to the duffer at Contract Bridge.
  4. The mechanics of the online poker game are comparatively simple. One could, weI suppose, learn in an hour or two how the simpler forms of the online poker game are played. Here there is a sharp contrast to the mechanics of a game like Bridge, which it may take the beginner some time to master.
  5. But, while the mechanics of the online poker game are simple, its technique takes a long time, and much practical experience, to acquire. Hence the Poker addict derives continuing pleasure from the exploration of the game's subtleties and from experimentation with its constantly changing situations. To play Online Poker game really well demands a combination of qualities which few of us can ever hope to possess. Patience; the capacity to concentrate; the capacity to think quickly; imagination; psychological insight; the indefinable quality called flair: all these play their part. One must keep one's temper, and one must not lose one's nerve, however adverse circumstances appear to be.
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